Plum Pretty Photography | FAQ



1. Where do you recommend shooting? 
Anywhere out doors with natural or man made back drops. I love natural lighting & prefer it over studio lighting. Local parks are where I typically shoot, but I am ALWAYS open to suggestions and new places. I love cool landmarks, City skylines, farms, old buildings, abandoned buildings, & rusty old trucks. Where we shoot is your choice. I do have a list of frequently used locations, and any sitting fees associated with them, that I will be happy to provide you though.

2. Do you charge per person?
I only start charging per person, when a family consists of more than 6 people. Please see my "Investment" tab for more information on family shoots

3. What time do you shoot?

In the fall & Winter, my sessions are held between 2:00pm - 4:00pm

In the Spring & Summer, my sessions are held between 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

4. Do you charge to travel?
Yes, but only after 25 miles. I use to calculate traveling costs.

5. When do I pay you?
A 50 % deposit is required at the time of the booking in order to hold your spot. Deposits can either be mailed to me, or made through PayPal. PayPal is the safest and most secured way to make payments online. The remaining balance is due on the day of the shoot.

I no longer make exceptions on this deposit policy & sessions are not reserved until a deposit is received.

**For weddings, a $100 deposit is required at the time of the booking**

6. Why do you require a deposit?

For many reasons, but mainly because availability is limited and if a session is cancelled, I lose out on revenue I could have gained from a client that could have had your spot. Plus, when a person invests money in something, they are more likely to take it seriously.  A deposit protects my business from a complete loss in revenue.

7. How long does it take to get my flash drive?
2-3 weeks. 2 weeks if I am not backed up. 3 weeks if I am.
Your images will be mailed to you as soon as they are finished.
PLEASE do not call,text, or e-mail me before 3 weeks!! If I will take
longer than 3 weeks.

During wedding season, I stay busy & get behind often.

8. Do you do free work?
The only time I offer free shoots is if someone thinks of something out side of the box that I’ve never done before. I LOVE new ideas and welcome them anytime.

9. Do you have a studio?
Nope! I prefer on location & natural lighting. If you are interested in a studio styled session, let me know and I can refer you to one of my awesome studio photography friends

10. Do you do this alone?
Most of the time, Yes. I use a back up photographer for some of my wedding packages, and some times when I need extra hands at a shoot.

Click here to meet some of my amazing back up shooters:

11. Do you shoot Weddings? How much do you charge?

Yes! Weddings are my specialty. If you are interested in booking us for a wedding, please email me for more information.

12. Will you post our pictures on the internet?
 Yes, unless you advise me not too. I typically post a few of my personal favorites on my Facebook fan page, as well as on my website. I may even use them for promotional flyers and contests. 

13. What should we wear?

Anything you want! Try to avoid busy patterns or designs if at all possible. Let the portraits capture your personalities with minimal distractions.

Solid, fun, bright colors are my favorite. I also love color coordinating outfits. For more ideas, please check out my Pinterest board, "Outfit Ideas"

14. Do you offer prints?

No! All finished portraits will be provided to you on a flash drive in both high & low resolution. I also upload your gallery to a private album on my website where you can order prints directly from your album.